How to switch

Help others switch

If you’ve already switched to digital TV, you can help friends and family who are having difficulty. While you might be confident in switching, they may have different equipment to you. Try following these steps as an easy guide.

1. Check whether digital TV is available in their area

Digital TV is now available in all areas of Australia. However, whilst most people can receive digital TV via the usual land-based transmission, some people will need to access digital TV via satellite. This may include people who previously accessed their free-to-air TV via a land-based transmission. To find the exact status of the digital signal in their area, use mySwitch.

2. Check what equipment they will need

If they have an analog TV, discuss the benefits of a set-top box, subscription TV or digital TV. For more information, see Equipment.

3. Choose and install their equipment

If they’re buying a new set-top box or digital TV, be sure to check that the equipment has a 'Digital Ready' sticker. If they’re considering subscription TV, you can question the provider on receiving digital free-to-air TV through their subscription.

Once you’ve chosen the right equipment, install it in their home. If you have any problems installing the equipment, visit the Helpdesk.

4. Troubleshooting

If you have any problems, check your cables are in good condition and connected properly. For full troubleshooting instructions, see Reception.

If you still have reception problems, you may need to contact an antenna installer. You can find your nearest installer through mySwitch.

If they are renting their home, the owner will generally be obliged to replace the antenna. If you do the work or organise to have the work done yourself, be sure to attain the property manager’s permission first.

Household Assistance Scheme (HAS) or Satellite Subsidy Scheme (SSS) customers should contact the relevant service contractor for assistance.  Their contact number should be listed on the set-top box recently installed, or on the bottom right of the quick reference guide.

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