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Property managers

If you own or manage a property, you will need to check if it is digital ready. If your tenants have digital equipment, like a set-top box or a digital TV, and they can’t receive free-to-air digital TV channels, you may need to upgrade your property’s antenna system.

Am I responsible for upgrading the antenna?

If your property is a free-standing house, you may wish to check the tenancy agreement and relevant tenancy legislation in your state or territory. In many cases, if your rental property has an antenna, the owner is obliged to keep it in working order. This would include upgrading it to receive digital TV or digital satellite TV.

Even if not clearly stated, it is good practice to arrange upgrades yourself, using an antenna installer. This will ensure your property is digital ready for current and future tenants, and avoid possible damage caused by tenants attempting to install their own fixtures.

What if I have a shared antenna?

If your property is in an apartment block or a group of townhouses, it may have a shared antenna system (sometimes known as a Master Antenna TV or MATV). Shared antenna systems usually receive a digital TV signal, however some may need to be upgraded or replaced.

The owners corporation (or body corporate) is responsible for maintaining and repairing common property, including the shared antenna system. Upgrades to antenna systems can be complex and getting approval from all unit owners may take time. 

Is my equipment tax deductible?

As the owner of a rental property, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for part or all of the cost of your antenna installation, purchase or upgrade.

To find out whether you are eligible for tax deductions, contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or find more information at ATO 'Guide to property'.

Hotels, motels and caravan parks

If you operate a small hotel, motel or caravan park and cannot receive television signals which are broadcasted from land-based sites, you may require the Australian Government’s digital satellite network, Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST). For more information on VAST, see Satellites.

Alternatively, to find your nearest antenna installer, see Antenna Installers or call the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13.


To assess the options for getting your property’s antenna system digital ready, see Antenna Systems eToolkit (ASeT).
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