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Antenna Systems eToolkit (ASeT)

Many TV antenna systems will already be ready for digital TV, but some may require an upgrade in order to receive the full range of digital channels. The Antenna Systems eToolkit (ASeT) can help you assess options for upgrading a property’s antenna system and improving digital TV reception.

ASeT gives you access to detailed information about antenna equipment, cabling and installation, including cost estimates for the various technical solutions to help ensure adequate digital television reception and system distribution.

Covering a range of scenarios, ASeT's main focus is on residential buildings such as apartments, groups of townhouses and nursing homes. There is also information about public and commercial facilities such as hotels, hospitals and other buildings with shared antenna systems.

The information in ASeT was developed from research conducted on behalf of the Department of Communications.

ASeT wizard

Use the ASeT wizard to see the options for getting your property's antenna system ready for digital TV.

Cost Calculators

Get an idea of the equipment and installation costs for a range of dwellings.

Technical resources and factsheets

All you need to know about TV reception and antenna issues in a downloadable format.

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