Privacy policy

Privacy policy


This statement applies to user interactions with the Department of Communications.


The Department of Communications sites make some use of data that directly or indirectly identifies users. We take great care with practices that affect personal privacy. Department of Communications staff welcome feedback from their users in relation to their website design and practices, and to this privacy statement. Please submit any questions about the privacy statement or on any other matter by using the contact and feedback form

Data that in some way identifies the user is gathered during interactions with the Department of Communications websites in the below circumstances.

Computer information

It is a necessary part of visiting any website, including the Department of Communications sites, that the user's web browser provides the machine's identity (its IP-address) to the web-server, so that the server can address the reply to the correct machine. In addition, the browser type and operating system are provided.

Navigation and click-stream data

Browsing any website, including the Department of Communications sites, generates a trail of the pages that are visited, and the time apparently spent displaying each page.

Data storage, use and disclosure, and retention

All personal data described in the preceding section is stored in transmission logs, and archived for a period that is yet to be determined but is likely to be at least 12 months and quite probably seven years.

The data is used by the Department of Communications site software, and by staff involved in the Department of Communications operation, only for:
  • website and system administration, including monitoring to prevent security breaches
  • customisation of the website to the user's needs
  • evaluation, research and development.
Identified data can only be re-disclosed to the user if the user provides the unique request session number. Identified data may be disclosed to a third party only in circumstances in which it is legally authorised, such as in the investigation of a criminal offence, and in compliance with a search warrant or subpoena.

Site feedback

To improve the service offered by this site, we seek feedback from our users. If you have any comments on the technical operations or functionality of this site, please use the site contact and feedback form. Providing feedback is voluntary and does not in any way affect your access to Department of Communications websites. The department will not disclose this feedback to any third party, other than staff involved in the department's operations, or as required by law.
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