Brochures and info sheets

This section includes downloadable brochures and printable fact sheets, including:
  • region specific information on reception
  • antenna troubleshooting
  • detailed instructions on digital ready equipment
  • information on Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST), Australia’s digital satellite network.

If a friend or family member has trouble accessing a computer or has limited internet access, these brochures can be printed to provide them with information.

Digital tracker reports

The Digital Tracker Reports follow the progress of the nation’s switch to digital TV. The quarterly reports give detailed statistical information such as:

  • awareness of the digital switchover
  • understanding of how to switchover
  • attitudes towards the switchover
  • conversion rates
  • satisfaction with digital TV.

Information for Indigenous Australians

This section includes information developed for Indigenous audiences.

Information in your language

This section includes information developed for people from non-English speaking backgrounds. If you know someone who has difficulty reading English, direct him or her to this section.

Campaign material

This section includes material used to promote awareness of the digital switchover, such as:

  • TV commercials
  • press ads
  • radio commercials.

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